My name is Wojtek and I am a macroeconomist. I publish academic research, teach students, advise policymakers, and contribute to the public debate.

I am a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University and a member of Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. I hold a Ph.D. from the European University Institute (2016), where my advisors were prof. Árpád Ábrahám and prof. Evi Pappa. My research is in the areas of international economics, monetary and fiscal policies, and banking. My research was published, among others, in Journal of Money Banking and Finance, and Oxford Economic Papers. I regulary present my research in international conferences and invited seminars. I am a visiting researcher in the Bank of England.

I have been teaching Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economics of Banking, International Economics, and Numerical Methods to undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students in Cardiff, Bristol, Florence, Bologna, London, and Warsaw.

I am a founding member and the president of a think tank “Dobrobyt na Pokolenia” (Prosperity for Generations). During the pandemic I served as an Economic Expert in the Covid-19 Advisory Group to the President of the Polish Academy Of Sciences. I am a member of the “Experts Club” of the Polish daily “Rzeczpospolita” and a member of Concilium Civitas, a society gathering Polish social science professors from the best foreign universities. I advised Polish politicians during 2020 presidential and 2023 general elections. You can view all my 200 (and counting) contributions to the public debate in the Policy section of this website.

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If you find it interesting, don’t forget to cite my research. You will find my research outputs in Research section of my website, and on Scholar, Ideas, and SSRN.

Curriculum Vitae [download PDF]
Contact me:
“PaczosW” at: “cardiff.ac.uk”